11 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January. Christmas is over, the decorations have been packed away and you’re back behind your desk at work with nothing to look forward to. It may not be surprising that a lot of people claim to have the ‘January Blues’ during what is considered by some as the gloomiest month of the year.

Whilst it’s natural for your mood to take a dip after the excitement of the festive season, it doesn’t have to be permanent; there are plenty of ways in which you can pick yourself back up again.

Here are some of our tried and tested methods for ensuring you don’t fall victim to the January Blues in 2019. 


#1 Exercise

We know joining the gym in January is often at the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list – but for very good reasons. Being active is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, giving us more energy and lifting our mood substantially.

You don’t even need to join the gym. There are plenty of exercises that you can do at home, or simply make time for getting outside for a walk in the fresh air every day.

We suggest finding a form of exercise that you enjoy; you’re more likely to stick to it longer than a few weeks.

#2 Book a Holiday

Booking a holiday, short break or even just a night away, will give you something to look forward to during a month that can often seem never ending. It’s been proven that looking forward to something enjoyable releases endorphins that can keep you smiling until it’s time to pack your bags and go.

We provide high-quality self catering accommodation in Windermere all year round. This means that you can book accommodation with us for any time in 2019. Perfectly positioned to explore the beautiful Lake District, there are plenty of things to see and do that will keep you happily planning until your getaway.

#3 Spend Time with Friends & Family

It might be tempting to keep to yourself when you feel like you’re in a constant bad mood, but this could be making you feel worse. It’s important to spend time being social – it can make a huge difference to your day – even if you don’t feel like it beforehand. After all, spending time with your favourite people is always a brilliant way to improve your mood.

#4 Declutter

Spring is when we often decide to declutter our homes – but why wait until then? January provides you with the perfect opportunity to remove any unwanted or unused items in your home in preparation of a brand new year. Or perhaps you simply need to make room for all of the new gifts and purchases from over the festive period?

#5 Take up a New Hobby

Start off the new year with a new hobby. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn a language, how to play an instrument or join a club, there are plenty of fun activities just waiting for you to discover them.

Lots of people put pressure on themselves to stick to the resolutions they have made, but we believe it’s far better finding something you know you’ll enjoy and make time for that instead.

#6 Ditch the Resolutions

Is dieting, going out less, and saving money on top of your resolutions list? Thousands of people make similar promises to themselves every year, and it could be the exact thing that is making you feel miserable.

You can still do all of these things in February. Why not hold off on cutting out all the fun stuff and enjoy a fun-filled January?

#7 Plan Ahead

Booking a holiday will give you something to look forward to, but why stop there? Spend time making plans for the rest of the year, as well. Get together with friends and family and make some exciting plans to give you all something to get excited about.

You can research festivals and events, book your summer staycation or simply arrange a night out with friends.

#8 Have ‘Me’ Time

Being social in January is important, but so is making time for yourself. Self-care is essential in keeping yourself healthy and you should therefore make yourself a priority.

Arrange for the kids to spend time with family members, send your partner out for the evening and simply sit back and relax.

Taking time out to have a long bath in peace would also be an easy but effective way to have some ‘me’ time.

#9 Do Something for Someone Else

Doing something nice for someone else will definitely make you feel good about yourself. This could be anything from helping an elderly relative with housework or their weekly shop, to volunteering at your local homeless shelter or animal rescue.

You don’t have to do anything massive – a little bit of help can go a long way.

#10 Switch Off Your Phone

Social media is a wonderful way to keep in touch with all of your loved ones, but it can also be the cause of your stress. Dedicate some ‘switch off’ time in January and stay off social media for a while.

Once you realise that you’re not actually missing out on anything, you’ll soon start to feel a lot better about yourself.

#11 Just Relax

We know, we know – easier said than done, right? But just remember that January is only 31 days, and there are lots of exciting things to look forward for the rest of the year – including February half term!

Just relax. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to kickstart new goals and resolutions – everything will still be possible later on.


However you decide to combat your January Blues, we hope that you have a happy and healthy month.

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